The Healthcare Industry is evolving…is your organization adapting?

In a world of regulatory compliance, there has never been a more important time to address product information management.

The healthcare industry is evolving and the ability to control trusted quality data can be challenging. At 1WorldSync, we enable healthcare organizations to simplify and manage the process of exchanging global commercial regulatory information. We work with organizations to implement scalable product information management and distribution strategies to comply with today’s regulations, while preparing for future regulations and streamlining business processes.

1WorldSync’s healthcare community consists of brand owners, medical device manufacturers, distributors, GPO’s and providers. 7 out of the top 10 global healthcare organizations use 1WorldSync’s solutions to help address patient safety and regulatory mandates all through one platform.

Prominent healthcare associations such as the Healthcare Transformation Group and the Healthcare Supply Chain Association are driving the industry forward and leading the way in the adoption of standards and the GDSN for increased supply chain efficiencies, improved patient safety and compliance to regulatory mandates.


Medical Manufacturer

  • Regulatory compliance –connection with the FDA’s GUDID
  • Improve collaboration with distributors, GPOs and providers
  • Improve product visibility and data quality
  • Simplify and accelerate item setup processes with trading partners
  • Drive greater efficiency in all core internal and external transactions that involve product data

Healthcare Providers

  • Source standardized product information
  • Improve order and invoice processes
  • Improve service levels and inventory management
  • Assist with Patient Safety initiatives – reduce medication errors
  • Regulatory compliance – connection with the FDA’s GUDID

GUDID Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOS)

  • Source standardized product information
  • Simplify and accelerate product setup time
  • Improve rebate processing
  • Ensure compliant, accurate, comprehensive product information


  • Source standardized product information
  • Improve item setup time
  • Enhance data accuracy throughout purchasing, logistics and supply chain operations
  • Improve order and invoice processes
  • Improve service levels and inventory management