Hardlines, DIY and Consumer Electronics manufacturers and retailers depend on rich, and accurate product information to drive sales and competitive edge.

Manual processes, multiple internal systems, and handling thousands of SKUs can dilute product information and inhibit an organization’s ability to provide trusted content with its trading partners.

1WorldSync has collaborated with thousands of large and small hardlines organizations spanning all sub-sectors to collect, manage and distribute robust product information.

1WorldSync’s solution suite and service offerings can support your organization for a complete end-to-end global content distribution strategy, helping to drive your organization’s bottom line.

Benefits for suppliers:

  • Multiple methods for data entry
  • One single source of trusted data
  • Faster transaction processing for new products and updates
  • Compliance with Global Regulations and Standards

Benefits for retailers:

  • Compliance with Global Regulations like GHS/CLP
  • Trusted and validated product information from suppliers
  • Reduced information handling and IT maintenance costs
  • Ready for Omni-Channel with trusted digital assets