The Foodservice Industry leverages 1WorldSync’s pedigree for transparent success.

The Global Foodservice industry has fastly recognized 1WorldSync’s People, Processes and Pedigree as the proven differentiator amongst Foodservice data service providers. 1WorldSync’s consistent delivery of stable, battle-tested solutions and professional services to customers continues to ensure trust within the passionate and unique Foodservice vertical.

Accurate and complete information is in high-demand as it relates to consumer safety. The Foodservice industry must address  the ever-changing requirements from customers, consumers and government regulations regarding labeling, nutritional standards, food safety, preparation, allergenic needs and much more. With these on-going requirement pressures, the need to exchange trusted product information and digital content through a single 1WorldSync platform becomes increasingly vital to provide product transparency.

1WorldSync enables brand owners and data recipients by providing trusted solutions and professional services to ensure complete collaboration among trading partners. 1WorldSync’s service offering provides the vehicle to aggregate accurate product data and digital assets to support the Foodservice industry’s increasing demand for product content and web-based catalog capabilities to provide easy and reliable access to information –  in one single platform.


  • Largest GDSN certified data pool implemented in more than 60 countries with over 25,000 customers globally, including more than 1,200 brand owners and over 50 Foodservice recipients
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in onboarding companies of all sizes
  • Better product recall traceability for all members of the Foodservice Supply Chain
  • Suite of tools that enhance validity access and intelligence using defined data permissions
  • Multiple methods for data entry (web interface, Excel upload, and machine-to-machine automation)