Consumer Packaged Goods

How are you addressing the rise of the “Smart Shopper”?

Consumer expectations and demands are increasingly growing around product information in today’s digital age.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retailers and eTailers need to have a seamless connection of accurate flowing product information to meet this demand. Redundant and inconsistent product information can lead to low profit margins, decreased brand loyalty and an inconsistent shopper experience across all devices.

1WorldSync has helped thousands of brands meet their strategic goals while maintaining the efficiency of their operations. Whether you need a catalog to meet the demands of omni-channel commerce, or consumer transparency using the SmartLabel Solution, 1WorldSync’s solutions makes it easily to align with trading partners and keep your business moving forward.


For Suppliers

  • Satisfy consumer and regulatory demands for more and better product information.
  • Improve collaboration with your retail trading partners.
  • Enhance data quality by consolidating standardized data in a single repository.
  • Streamline and accelerate item setup processes with your trading partners.
  • Improve efficiency in all core internal and external transactions involving product information.

For Retailers

  • Source standardized product information.
  • Improve item setup time.
  • Access a complete library of CPG/Retail product images, significantly reducing the time it takes to find the images needed to meet demanding deadlines.
  • Enhance data accuracy throughout merchandising, supply chain, store operations, and consumer web operations.